GigaPan Panoramas

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The GigaPan EPIC is a programmable picture-taking robot. You simply mount your point-and-shoot digital camera (I started with a Canon SX110 IS), set it to full zoom, set the limits of the area you want and go. The included GigaPan software running on your Mac or PC will take the resulting set of photos and stitch them together to form a very large panorama. They can then be uploaded to the GigaPan site.

I had modified my GigaPan EPIC to handle my larger DSLRs with up to 24 megapixel individual photos that can produce 360 degree panoramas of over 20 gigapixels.

Recently I purchased an iOptron AllView Pro robotic mount. I use it with a Canon 80D DSLR and 75-300mm zoom telephoto or 18-135mm zoom. The photo below shows the setup in action at Lake McDonald.

Most recent addition to the kit is a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L zoom that provides more detail at long distances.

Images range in size from .1 to 18 gigapixels. See over 200 of my panoramas on the web site.

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Hosted Panoramas

I have just begun to host my own panoramas using KrPano. First example is the same as above, Spider Rock at Canyon de Chelly. Second is Sedona 360° View.
Below are samples of two panoramas but are hosted on my personal site. This viewer works a bit different from but the same panning and zooming are possible. Click on the photo to be taken to these panos.

Navajo Nation, AZ - Canyon de Chelly National Monument - Spider Rock
Spider Rock Overlook on the rim road of Canyon de Chelly provides an excellent vantage point. Central to this view is the 800 foot tall home of the Spider Woman, the teacher of weaving and the enforcer of obedience in children. 5.02 GigaPixels, (119,020 x 42,184) Made from 741, 17.9 MegaPixel camera images (39 rows x 19 rows). Canon T2i with 72-300mm telephoto set to 300mm (472mm equivalent)

Sedona, AZ - Airport Saddle 360
The most spectacular vista in Sedona is on a small butte alongside Airport Road off AZ-89A. From there you can see south to Bell Rock and north to he Coffee Pot, and much of the west and south side residential and commercial areas. Oak Creek passes close to the road on the east-facing portion of the pano. Getting to this flat rock perch requires a scramble over some steep rocky ground, but the reward is this unmatched view and great backdrops for those "I was there, jumping in the air" selfies. 2.578 GigaPixels, (188960 x 13644). Made from 240, 17.9 MegaPixel camera images (48 columns x 5 rows). Canon T2i with 28-135mm telephoto set to 135mm (212.3mm equivalent)